Best resources this month – September ’18

Each month I read through & listen to loads of great ministry and student work blogs, leadership podcasts,  & theology books. It’s probably one of my saddest hobbies…but seeing as it’s not going anywhere (sorry Beth!) here’s my selection of the best content I read last month.

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How are students coming to faith? – A blog series by Miriam Swaffield

Publishing her MA research in the form of a series of blog posts, Miriam’s writing makes essential reading for any student worker. Her research analyses how uni students in the UK are coming to faith. At the time of writing, there have been three posts (#1, #2, #3). What strikes me about her research is the importance of the local church (see quote below), and the significance of the time we live in. Negative preconceptions of church might still linger for some, but most students have simply never tried church at all.

Encouraging and challenging. Give it a read.

“100% of the students I interviewed who came to faith at uni named the good old Sunday church service as a vital factor that helped them find Jesus”. – Miriam Swaffield

The 5 New Character Rules Every Leader Should Follow – on Carey Nieuwhof’s blog
This blog post from the Canadian pastor, author, and speaker is absolutely superb. We are in an age when good character is everything, and we’re working with a generation that is searching for authenticity & integrity. Leaders, therefore, are rightly under more scrutiny than ever before. My challenge to our generation is to grow the integrity to stay faithful to Christ so that when we’re in positions of influence we are able to fully point people towards Him and not be caught out by moral failures from years ago.

I found these 5 rules really helpful. Check them out.

“Competency may get you in the room. But character keeps you in the room. Above all, character endures.” – Carey Nieuwhof

Book: Kingdom Conspiracy by Scott McKnight (2016)

Do you sometimes feel like you’re having two different conversations when talking about what ‘the kingdom’ means? For older members of the Church, the kingdom means going on missions to foreign countries and seeing professions of faith. Yet for students, growing the kingdom means transforming society. I’m not knocking either. But are the two mutually exclusive? Theologian Scott McKnight presents a rich resource for thinking about this question.

One conclusion he offers is that the local church is the kingdom and vice versa, at least to the extent that the kingdom has been inaugurated. I’m not sure I necessarily agree with this conclusion…but the questions he asks are as interesting and worthwhile as his answers.

Thought provoking and engaging, it’s certainly worth finding a copy and giving it a try.

Campus Magazine from Campus Awakening 

Launched this month Campus is aimed at students, and it’s debut issue has articles from Mark Comer, Banning Liebscher, Miriam Swaffield, Alan Scott, Fusion, 24-7 Prayer, Carlos Rodriguez, Phil & Sarah Smith. If you are looking for great resources for your students (which are extremely cheap…i.e, free) then I can’t recommend this highly enough. Not only is it really well written, but it is also BEAUTIFULLY designed.

Order (here) and share them…they’re excellent.

Noticing where God is already at work – A resource from LICC

In student ministry, as in the rest of life, it’s easy to see more of what God is not doing than what he is doing. If you need some encouragement to see what God is already doing through your life and ministry (both in church and in non-Church workplaces), check out this excellent resource written by Nell Goddard at the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. Nell is confirmed as a guest for our second series.

“One of the great joys of being a Christian is realising that God chooses to work through us, wherever we are.

One of the tricky things, however, is learning how to spot it.”

Thanks for reading today. If you have any resources that you’d recommend (be it your own, or someone else’s) please leave a comment.

As ever, I pray that this post resources and inspires you in student ministry.

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Have a great week.


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