Our story

My name is Brogan. When I took over the student ministry at The Belfrey, York, I was fresh out of uni. A strong sense of calling, and all the feeling of excitement to go with it. My predecessor, however, was a tough act to follow. The National Lead on 18-30’s for New Wine, with twelve years of experience leading student ministries into substantial growth. These were quite some boots to fill.

But Ben Doolan poured out his wisdom and experience and got me in the room with some amazingly talented leaders to pick their brains. Within five months I’d had 1-to-1 conversations about student leadership with Miriam Swaffield (Fusion), Rich Wilson (Fusion), Chris Morgan (Kings Church Durham) Esther Swaffield-Bray (IJM), nearly every member of staff at Fusion, a number of senior leaders at other large student churches, and many more experienced student workers. It was a busy five months.

That is the kind of input that can take an excited but utterly inexperienced young leader with a sense of calling and turn him into a leader who, by God’s grace, can effect meaningful change.

I was extremely fortunate. Most student leaders and student workers don’t get that kind of access or input. 

So I want to go back and revisit those conversations, but this time with a bit of recording equipment. Here is a podcast that gives every student leader the opportunity to be in the virtual room with the national experts, apostolic leaders, team builders, pastors, and mission pioneers in student ministry.