What we’re about

Imagine you’re at uni in a city where there isn’t a lot going in for students in the local church, and you want to change that. You’re 19 years old and love Jesus, you want to see His Kingdom come amongst students.


But the big question is: “where do I even start”?

Or suppose you see the amazing potential in student ministry and are thinking of changing your shift pattern at work to invest time in your local church student ministry. Your senior leader is…just about on board.


Your big question is: “what does student ministry actually look like”?

Or maybe you’ve just left uni. You feel called to work with students. You’re taking over a well-established ministry from a talented leader. You feel daunted, excited, and a little overwhelmed.


You’re asking yourself: “how can I release the full potential of this ministry”

Here is a podcast where we put those questions, and many more, to national experts in student leadership.